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You let out a small sigh, drumming your fingers against the flowered tablecloth that covered the wooden table beneath it. The only thing you could hear was the tapping sound you made, and the happy sounding chirp that came from outside the white paned window.

It was March 31, and it really didn't seem any different from an ordinary day alone. The only thing that made it different, however, was the fact it was Easter Sunday. When you were little, you usually spent this holiday over at your parents house, 'helping' your mother cook the ham and potatoes you had each year. It always comforted you to be with family during the holiday season, though each time you thought about it, it seemed like the same routine; Sit in the cramped kitchen your parents had owned since you were a small child, the old television that was pushed into the crevice in the wall playing Easter marithons in the background, the smell of freshly cut tulips from the garden filling the room while you sat and watched your mom cook, occasionally being able to help her. Your father usually sat in the green recliner that resided infront of the TV in the living room, a football game blaring out cheering fans and announcers telling you every little detail about the game.

You smiled to yourself, staring blankly at the yellow vase infront of you as the warm spring sunshine flooded in from the window and engulfed your slunched over figure. It was holidays like this, the times where you were now alone and sitting by yourself, your only companion being your orange and white cat to comfort you, that you relized how much you actually missed being with relatives and friends. During Easter when you were little, you'd always get together with the neighbors across the street, the Beilschmidts, and find eggs the Easter Bunny had left for you. Or course the white haired albino, Gilbert, always had to make up a silly compotition the three of you would have to participate in. Ludwig, Gilbert's blond younger brother, and you, would always team up against him since the two of you were much younger than him. And of course, you would always find more colored eggs than the albino, causing him to throw a temper tantrum.

To the time you were about ten, you had loved Holidays, and always looked forward to when they would arrive. Christmas, Easter, St. Patricks Day, Halloween, you loved it all. But then there was the day your parents had sat you down and decided to have a 'talk' with you. And just like every other kid on earth, you knew the instant they said that, it wasn't going to be very pleasent news. Instead of saying something like 'We don't exactally know how to tell you this, ______, but....your Grandmother died.' or '______, we know how you got in trouble at school the other day...' like you expected them to, they stared at you, no expression or emotion in their face, and told you that there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Faerie, or Leprechauns. It took you a moment to comprehend what they were telling you, and even then, you didn't believe them. I mean, why would they lie to you for so many years? You remember breaking into hot, blubbery tears as they attempted to comfort you, rubbing circles into your back and whispering comforting things into your ear.

Now, sitting at your kitchen table, all those memories seemed distant to you, as if they wern't really true. Just made up fantasys from a novel.

You were soon pulled out of your thoughts by a meow and small, scratching sounds illuminating from the living room. Sighing, you got up from your spot at the wooden table and started to walk silently over to the room your cat was in, probably clawing at the couch like it was a scratching post. Not there there was anything new with that. But once you were in the living room, the only thing you were greeted to was the back of your cat, pawing at something on the floor. You tipped your head, making your was over to (Name), who didn't seem to pay you a bit of attention, as if you wern't even there.

"(Name)?" You bent down to the animal, setting your hand gently on his back. You felt him tense up, turning his small head with folded down ears to look up at you, his emerald eyes seeming to smile at you. Smirking, you patted the top of his head and looked down to see what he had been playing with.

Your eyes grew, the hand you had placed on your cats head instantly freezing. Was your mind playing tricks with you, or was the object you stared at really sitting there infront of your very eyes? There, sitting on the rug with a white egg thrust out infront of him, as if to shield off your playfull cat, was a petrified little blond man. He, like your cat, had emerald looking eyes that seemed to bare into your (e/c) orbs. He wore a puffied white nightgown, a green cape that a barbie of such might wear tied around his neck with dark, red ribbon. The puffed, tan pants he had on matched his brown boots tied with tiny black laces, his angry frown and large, furrowed eyebrows seeming to tie the look together quite nicely. The last thing he had was a green, rugged looking backpack placed on his back, an object seeming to bulge on the inside. But besides the fact he was as about the size of a rather puny stuffed animal, the biggest thing that threw you off was the fluffy rabbit ears tucked behind his head in anger and fright. You watched him stare up at you, your cat once again beginning to paw at the egg infront of him. The little man gave you a snarl, and opened his mouth to speak.

"Well, don't just stand there like a git!" His british accent made you stiffen even more than you already had. "Get your bloody carcas over here and help me shield off this mongral!"

You, not answering to his demand, just stould there and stared at the little man. Was this the Easter Bunny that your parents had told you wasn't real, or was it just a figmint of your imagination, having been conjured up by the simple fact you were thinking about this two seconds before? Without even thinking about it, you found your finger making its way toward his head, petting his blond, dishievled hair and miniture rabbit ears. A smile made it way to your face as you cupped both hands together and forced him into your palms. He made a grunting sound, gripping your flesh with tiny hands for dear life as he stared at the ground that seemed to get higher and higher up from where he was sitting. You didn't know if it was just the cuteness meter kicking in, but you could have sworn he was breathing rapdily, just like a bunny, his nose twitching slightly.

"Get your filthy mits off me this instant!" He threatened, staring up to your large figure in sheer terror.

"But you're so adowable~!" You cooed, brushing your fingertip against his cheek, talking to him like you would an infant. It was definate that you wern't just making this up, and you wern't quite sure how this was all physically possible, but at that moment you really didn't seem to care. He was just too cute to pass up holding.

He continued to stare up at you, his face turning beat red as he fumbled to find the right words to scold at you. "I-I'm not a dog!" He blushed, eyebrows furrowing even more than they had been before. "Stop talking to me like i'm a brainless animal that can't comprehend words!"

You smiled, taking a spot at the couch sitting behind you. "Okay, cutie."

He persed his lips, folding his tiny arms across his chest and looking down frustratidly to his lap. You couldn't help but mutter a tiny 'Daww', his adorable anger filling you to the brim with love.

"I...I have a name, you know." He murmered, making eye contact with you for a split second before looking back down to his lap.

"It's not Peter, is it? Because that would be overwelmingly cute." You joked, still gripping him in the palm of your hands. "I probably couldn't take it."

He snapped his gaze back up to you, glaring firey daggers into your eyes before taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself. "N-No. That's my younger brothers name.." Shifting so he was sitting comfortably, he stared into your eyes. "I have four brothers. Peter's the youngest, and tiniest, one of the group. He's also the most stubborn."

The thought of an even tinier bunny man sent gleefull shivers down your spine, a heated tint coming to your cheeks and ears. "So...what's your name, then?"

"I'm Arthur." He sighed, rubbing his closed eye with a mini fist. "Arthur Kirkland."

"I'm _______." You said, holding your fingertip out to the rabbit man. Arthur looked at it for a moment, but then grasped it with one of his hands, trying to give it a little shake. "Nice to meet you."

He nodded, giving a tiny smirk. "Nice to make your accuatence, love."

For whatever reason, you could feel a light pink dust across your cheeks, the warmth that came before suddenly spreading throughout you. The loneliness that you had felt while sitting at your kitchen table, listening to the happy birds chirping away outside like there was nothing wrong with the world, was instantly earased. This tiny man had, ironicly, filled the large, empty space of nothingness with his sudden presence. Now the question had to be asked; Why was he here in your house, getting batted at by your cat? You knew that (Name) had a low attention span and would leap at anything that moved, so that wasn't a big surprise, but why had he just suddenly showed up out of the blue?

"Hey, Arthur, would you mind if I asked you a quick question?" You asked, hoping that the blond wouldn't turn you down.

"Not at all, ______." He said almost instantly, his arms placed in his lap, staring patiently up into your (e/c) orbs. "Ask away."

You nodded, giving a small smirk. "Why are you here?"

His eyes grew, seeming as though he had just remembered something. Arthur stumbled to get up, placing his hands against the top of your fingertips and peering down to the rug infront of you. There, your cat was licking the top of the white egg, his paws wrapped around each side as his claws tried to dig into the hard shell. You had wondered why he had that with in the first place, but by the way he was staring down at it, it must have meant great importance to him. You carefully slid him into your left hand, picking up the egg with your right. (Name) didn't put up a fight, but instead gladly let you have the egg.

"This is why you came?" You asked, staring at the regular hardboiled egg. "To give me an egg?"

"Well, no, not just the egg, love." Arthur stated, walking across your flesh in his little booties and grasping both arms around the white, oval object. "You need to bring this into the kitchen so I can show you."

You squinted at the man, a tad bit of curiousity sparking inside you. Not asking any more questions, you lifted yourself up off the red cushion you sat on and walked into the kitchen, making sure not to drop Arthur and the egg he clung onto so fondly. Once you were at the table you sat at earlier, you set him ontop of it so you wouldn't, no matter how much you still wanted to, hold onto him anymore. He held the egg up in place, looking up to your tall figure.

"Now, go get two plastic cups," He told you, as if he already knew that you had some. "And fill each of them half full with tap water."

Nodding, you walked over to your cupboard above the stove, searching aimlessly for cups you wern't even sure that you had. But not two seconds later did you move over a box of instant macaroni, only to find an un-opened package of clear, plastic cups. Shrugging, you ripped the top open with your fingernail and grabbed two cups out, just like the brit had told you to do. You filled each, half full, with faucet water, carefull not to spill them as you walked back over to the ever patient Arthur.

"Perfect." He said, slipping the backpack off his back and opening the buttoned flap. You flipped around the wooden chair from before, sliding into it and resting your arms on the back headrest, staring down with curious (e/c) eyes at the backpack he rummaged around in. Arthur grunted, pulling out two tablets which wouldn't normally seem heavy to you, but probably did to him. You smiled at his effort, grabbing the two tablets with your pointer finger and thumb, examining them further. The two tablets were (Color) and (Color), evidentally being your favorite colors.

"What do I do with these?" You asked, looking back down to him after a few more moments of staring at the pill looking objects.

"Put the first one in the first cup, and the second in the second cup." He said, pointing to the water. "Just let them dissolve until they're gone, and the water takes up the color of the tablet."

You did as he said, setting the (Color) tablet into the first cup, and the (Color) tablet into the second. The two of you waited until the water was colored to do anything else. Once the water looked like the colors you had put into it, you stirred each with your finger, just to be sure the water had gotten all of it.

"Now," Arthur started, handing the egg out to you. "Take this, and dip half of each end into both of the cups so the white is taken up by two colors."

It had now dawned on you what he was making you do. You smirked, taking the egg and holding the top half of the egg in the first color for a little more than a minute so the color would dye into the white. Once you took it out, you could see that it had worked. You dipped the end of it into the second color, you mind only paying attention to what you were doing at that moment. When you thought you had held it in there long enough, you pulled out the dripping end to reveal the color (Color).

"So that's why you came here?" You asked, turning your head back over to Arthur. "To dye an egg?"

He nodded, a tiny smile coming to his face. "Look on the other side of it."

You turned the egg over, nothing really standing out to you at first. But then you saw it. When you were little you would always dye easter eggs with your parents, and they would always give you a white crayon. When you had asked what to do with it, they had taken it from you, and written something on the back. You had wondered why it hadn't shown up, but they told you to set it in the colored water. Once you did, and the egg had been colored, you pulled it out to see what they had done. Written on the back, as clear as the wonderous expression on your face, was the word 'Believe'. They explained to you as long as you had belief the Easter Bunny would come, he would. You remembered that moment, and treasured it like a precious gemstone. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes as you stared down at the same word inscribed in tiny, messy handwriting.

Arthur's handwriting.

You set the egg down on the table, and once again picked up the bunny man in your hands, a little less carefully this time. He fell to his butt, gripping the palm of your hand, but this time a little less so, as if he knew you wouldn't harm him in any way. You planted a kiss on the top of his head, keeping your lips there for a good moment or so, then taking them away. You could see through tear filled eyes that he was blushing like mad, but at this point, it just made you smile all the more. A small giggle escaped your lips, and you pulled the man to your cheek.

"Thank you, Arthur." You whispered. "Thank you."

He sat there for a moment, your cheek pressed up against him, not exactally sure what to do. Finally, Arthur gave a content sigh, and wrapped his tiny, delicate hands on your rosey cheek, as if to wrap you in a hug.

"Happy Easter, love."
Happy Easter, everybody~!
Here's the surprise that I promised all of you! :iconeweplz:

You (c) :iconchibirisuplz:
Story (c) :icongoingmadhatter:
I do not own Hetalia or the previous image .-.
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