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April 14, 2013
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"Oh...I guess no one's here.."

You peered into the conference room, labtop and papers held tightly between your hands. It was true, you were in fact the only person in the giant room. Not having been in here before, you didn't know if the conference wasn't today and you had been told wrong, or you were simply early.

You represented the tiny country (Country name), and this was the first time you had been recognized as an acutal person. Though this made you more excited than you had ever been before, it also scared you. You had heard of smaller countries being fought over by bigger ones, such as England or Russia, and getting seized over by them. Your friend, Sealand, still hadn't been recognized yet, and you wern't much bigger than him. It shocked you at how quickly people had noticed you, so you had to be gratefull for the small amount of recognition you had gotten.

Sighing, you took a step into the conference room, looking around as you did so. You were surprised at how big it actually was. The red carpet seemed so soft and plush that you could actually sleep on it, and the large, curtained windows in the back of the room let in just enough light so it hit the antiques sitting on the shelves. But the thing that struck you the most was the long, circular table in the middle of the room, over sixty chairs placed on either side. You pulled out a brown chair that sat in the middle of the left side, setting your things on the table and sitting down on the cushioned seat. The first thing you did was scoot your papers aside, opening your labtop and heading straight to youtube. Since no one else was here, and probably wouldn't be for awhile, then why not listen to some music before countries started filing in?

Smiling to yourself, the only sounds in the room being your fingers ticking rythmecly on the keyboard, you typed in the words 'Pon Pon Pon' into the search engine. Sealand had told you about this video and how catchy the song had been. And the boy, being so interested in Japanese culture and such, was not one to lie about things that had to deal with it. The first thing that popped up was a video titled 'きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON', which sent a confused expression to your face. You had no idea how to speak Japanese, and this just made your brain hurt like hell. Shrugging, you rolled your mouse over it, clicking the video to see just what this had been about.

Whoa.. You thought, your (e/c) orbs growing as you saw the number of views the video had. 47,233,801 Views?

Sealand wasn't lying. This video was pretty popular. Leaning forward, hand still on the computer keys, you waited for the video to begin. And once it did, you started to question whether or not this was going to be worth watching. The first thing that popped up was a waist lined with a yellow skirt, multicolored eyeballs dotting it here and there, a white gloved hand resting lightly on a persons hip. It soon zoomed out to show a girl standing on one leg, her hand reaching out to the sky as if to grab absolutely nothing. She looked like a cosplayer, which wasn't all that different, but the thing that struck you most was the area surrounding her. It looked like a unicorn had thrown up a rainbowtastic amount of glitter, rhinestones, and things that could only be created in the mind of a young child. You squinted an eye, now fully interested to see where this was going.

She stould there for a moment, completely still, until a fuzzy cane came protruding from her ear. Your eyes grew as she grabbed it, and started to sing into it as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"Ano kousaten de minna ga moshi skip wo shite
Moshi ano machi no mannaka de te wo tsunaide sora wo miagetara
Moshimo ano machi no dokoka de chance ga tsukamitai no nara
Mada naku no ni wa hayai yo ne tada mae ni susumu shika nai wa iya iya..."

She then continued to use the cane as a golf club, holding her hands up to her eyes and dancing around in a cirle.

Ponpon dashite shimaeba ii no
Zenzen shinai no tsumaranai desho
Headphone kakete rhythm ni nosete
Wayway akete atashi no michi wo

Ponpon susumu iro-iro na koto
Don-don kiteru? anata no kimochi
Poipoi suteru warui ko wa dare?
Sou sou ii ko aa
You make me happy!
Every day pon
Every time is pon
Merry-go-round noritai no
Every day pon
Every time is pon
Tabun sonnan ja dame desho"

After about halfway through the video, you started getting into the song, mouthing the chorus as it went by, moving around in your chair the slightest. Even though you wern't sure what was going on half of the time, you didn't really think you needed to understand. The song was catchy and drew you towards it, and that's all that really mattered. Just as the words 'Ponpon' came out of the speaker, you thought you felt a small tap on your moving shoulder, and you instantly stiffened. Pressing the 'Pause' button as quickly as humanly possible, you whipped your head around to see no other than a short, skinny man with a ruffled black hair bowl cut and large sideburns. You felt pink dust lightly across your cheeks, wondering exactally how long he had been standing there. His eyes were wide, and just all around confused, maybe even a little terrified looking. Your gaze wandering over to the labtop once more, the video now paused at the girl in pigtails doing her odd, but catchy dance, you felt like the smallest person on earth. Even though it was just one person who had seen you listening to the J-Pop music, you couldn't help but wonder if he would go around telling the other countries about your embarrasing incident. They probably wouldn't want you there anymore, thinking you were everything but serious and productive, kicking you out of the world conferences for good.

"Konichiwa?" The voice echoed through the room, the mans hand raising up the slightest.

You turned back around to face the country, who you thought might have been Japan or China, shrivling back in your chair. He probably thought you were the biggest moron on the face of the planet. Shifting your head so it was looking to your lap, you murmered a quiet 'Hello.' He didn't reply to you, but instead pulled out the chair next to you, setting a color coated binder down on the table.

"My name is Japan." He introduced himself, his chocolate brown eyes returning to their normal size, a hand reaching out gingerly towards you. "It is a preasure to meet you."

You looked at his creamy white hand, the equally white sleeve he wore going down to his wrist, and took it gently in yours. His grip was firm for someone of his size, which caused a small smile to crawl upon your lips. Maybe this wasn't as embarrasing as you first thought it was. After all, he, as the man said, was the country of Japan. Him of all people should know how addicting and catchy their music videos were.

"I'm (Country Name)." You said, gripping his hand back, giving it a small shake.

Japan gave a small, delicate smile that sent a sudden joyful shiver down your back. Just by looking at him, you could tell that he was more formal than normal people you had met. He was just so...polite and quiet sounding. And you had to admit, it was a little cute.

"So you're the new country?" He asked, still smiling. "I've heard alot about you."

You felt your cheeks grow abnormally hot as you unhitched your hand away from his, giving a nervous smile. "Y-Yes. I've been a country for awhile now, actually. It's just one's really recognized me. And to be completely blunt about it, I was surprised people started noticing me, even now."

The man didn't respond right away, as if he didn't quite know what to say. And why should he? He shouldn't really know who you were. Nobody but the few tiny country friends you had knew that the country of (Name) had existed. You, overall, were fine with all of it. It was just once in a great while, even for a moment, you had wished you were friends with an actual known country. You had tried being friends with Germany once, but that didn't go over as smoothly as you hoped it had. Being the shy person you were, his overall appearance and tone of voice frightened you. And you knew that it was wrong of you to cower away from him when you barely knew him, but it seemed like an instinct to just run away rather than try and become friends.

" rike japanese pop music?" You heard the familiar voice fill your ears, your attention turning back to Japan. Giving a small, uncomfortable laugh, you looked back over to the paused video on your labtop.

"Well, yeah, I guess so. The songs are really catchy, but.." Looking over to Japan, you hesitently continued, not knowing how he would respond to what you were about to say. "Some of these videos look like they were made by high people."

Of course, you were refurring to the video you had currently been watching before he came into the room. And it was true. The music video looked like it was made by people that had eaten one too many chocolate bars. It had surprised you at how you were able to tell that to the man that was the representative of where the video was made, and how rather blunt you had been about it. But instead of an disagreement, like you had planned to come from his mouth, the only thing you could hear was the adorable laughter that you hadn't expected to ever come from the shy, formal looking man. Eyes widening, you wern't quite sure what to say.

"You're...not mad?" You asked, still surprised as ever.

"Why wourd I be mad?" He asked, the laugh he had not two seconds before disappearing the slightest. "No matter how much I wrant to deny it, it's true."

You gave him a wide smile, warmth spreading within you. "And what's with your commercials? No offence or anything, but I think some of those are even weirder than the music videos."

"Non-taken, (Country)-chan." Raising a hand, he gave another kind, shy smile.

"Please, just call me (Country)." You smirked, trying to show him that he could just call you by your regular old country name.

Looking down to your lap, you smiled to yourself. A little part of you had actually been glad you were the first one to enter the conference room, no matter how awkward you had felt at first. Even though you had just met Japan, you had a feeling you two would become good friends. You lifted your head, now hearing the quiet murmer of the country.

"Okay...(Country)." Japan said, smiling at the name. "Once the meeting is over, wourd you rike to come over for some tea and get to knorw each other a rittle better?"

"S-Sure!" You said, a little surprised at how nice and straightforward he was. "But only if we can talk over a kotatsu table and anime."

His brown orbs grew, but shut a few seconds later, another shy smile coming to his face.

"It's a dear."
First off, i'm just letting you know right now, that this sucks. Today I woke up thinking Today's gonna' be an AWESOME day! I'm going to write my fanfiction outside in the amazing spring weather, and actually change out of my pajamas, even though it the WEEKEND~! YEAH!!



You know what I did? I looked outside when I woke up, saw that it was freaking blizzarding out, and then slunk back into the basement, put on some k-pop, not bothering to change out of my pjs. I was that ticked off XD Just the perks of living in North Dakota. So if this sucks, you know why. Because I was in a crappy mood aaall day.

Just hope you guys like OOC Japan.

Song: PonPonPon
Artist: Kyarypamyupamyu ....o-o
Link: [link]

And just to cheer myself up, I looked up weird music videos and commericals from japan. Juuust for you guys XD Hope you think they were as weird and random as I did~


You (c) :iconkikuhondaplz:
Story (c) :icongoingmadhatter354:
I do not own Hetalia, or the previous image .-.
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