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You sat on your light brown couch, a fuzzy, multicolored blanket draped over your shoulders as you read through the stack of books you had gotten earlier that day.

What else better to do on a dragging Saterday night than read a crap-load of manga in your favorite pajamas, curled up in your living room and watching CSI? At the moment, nothing had seemed greater than what you were doing at that moment.

You lightly licked your thumb, turning a rather long page in your book as you continued to skim the next one. Even though you had started the book not thirty minutes ago, it didn't stop you from being two pages from the end. That's what you loved about manga- no matter what the plot, it always seemed to catch you attention enough to where you couldn't stop reading until you were done.

As soon as you were on the last page of the thirteenth book in your series, your (f/c) cell phone gave off a buzzing sound as it rattled profusely against the table. The little green mint bunny keychain England had given you as a decoration for your electronic danced against the wood, giving off the impression it was trying to take flight. Smirking, you took the phone in your hand, flipping it open as it made a light click noise.

"What's up?" You asked, not completely sure who was on the other line.

"Ciao, bella~!" A happy tone sang through the phone, making a smile instantly bloom across your face.

Who other than your happy-go-lucky italian friend, Feliciano, to call you so late on a Saterday night. Whenever he called, you could always feel his smile radiate through the phone. Shifting the phone so it was under your ear, your shoulder pushing it up against your head so you didn't have to hold it, you went back to your novel.

"Hey, Feli!" You said, skimming down the page. "What does my special italian have to talk to me about?"

He gave a small chuckle, answering almost imediatly. "Well, to celebrate Japan lowering his blood pressure from Germany's dieting and exercise plan, we all decided to go out for drinks, and we were wondering if you wanted to come?!"

You looked down to your (Favorite Cartoon) tanktop, and down to your rather baggy pajama pants, then over to the half-finished pile of books scattered next to you. "Sure." You replied, setting your book down ontop of the others. "I don't have anything better to do."
"That's great!" He beamed happily. "Just meet us at the usual spot around ten!"

You nodded. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

And with that, you pressed the red button on your cellphone, the screen getting ungulfed by darkness, only to be replaced seconds later by your screensaver of Ludwig, Kiku, Feli, and you all holding up mugs, cheery smiles planted across your faces. And then there was Gilbert poking his head out from behind you, two small fingers coming up from behind your head with his usual evil smile on. One of Germany's old drinking buddies, you remember, had taken the picture, part of his thumb showing the tiniest bit in the corner.

Smiling, you shut your phone with another click, dragging your lazy, unwilling body off the couch. You knew that it was just your friends you were meeting, but you felt the sudden need to change into something practical. After a minute or two on debating what to wear, you just decided on a simple sweatshirt and jeans. You walked over to the laundry room by the garage door, shuffling through a pile of clothes you had been reluctent to fold and put in your droors the day before. You pulled out a red, white and blue sweatshirt you had 'borrowed' from Alfred a few weeks back, and a pair of dark blue holey jeans. Changing, you threw your pajamas into the washing machine and grabbed your keys by the door. You went into the garage, hopped into your (car type), and backed out of the now opening garage door.

You sighed, gripping the steering wheel handle.

Let's see how this turns out. You thought, backing out of the driveway and into the empty, dark world that surrounded you.


It had been around three hours since you had gotten to the bar, and in all honesty, you should have left as soon as you got there. The longest you had ever been there was an hour or so, just for the simple fact you didn't really care for beer. But now as you sat at the table in the back of the room, Gilbert and Ludwig now singing some random song in full german and toasting to whatever they could think of just for an excuse to drink another frothy mug, you understould why you really decided to leave so early each time. Your eyes settled on your half-empty cup sitting infront of you, watching the bubbles and foam in the middle slowly die down. Pushing it farther infront of you so you wouldn't have to look at it anymore, you heard a slight 'Ve' come from beside you. To your surprise, Feli was sound asleep, his pale cheek laying in a puddle of the yellow concoction.

Kiku had left you to be with the three men about a half hour ago, stating he had 'Important buisness to take care of', which in his case was preparing oniguri or some sort of food for tomorrow. Personally, you had thought he had went home just to get away from the drinking and german singing that never quite seemed to end. If you could, you would have left as soon as he had. But you knew that the two sitting next to you could have passed out any minute, and you didn't just want to leave them there to sleep away, only to wake up in the morning with serious hangovers. That was just the sacrafice a friend like you had to make.

After about ten minutes more of glasses clashing against each other, droplets of the foul smelling substance spilling across the table, the slurred singing died down to small murmers. You looked over to Ludwig and Gilbert, know the two had more than likely fallen asleep. Just as you had predicted, the white-haired albino had passed out, his fourhead resting on the edge of the table as Gilbird flapped happily in the puddle of the wet substance. You winced, picking up the soaked bird off the table and into the palm of your hands. That was a good way for the little yellow bird to get drunk, though you were sure it wouldn't have been its first time on the matter. You took a half-dry napkin off the table and started to wype the fluid off Gilbird.

"Poor little guy." You murmered, the bird cheeping and flapping his wings as you patted his little head dry.

That was, until you heard a small laughter come from beside you. Turning to the side so you could see who was making the noise, you relized it was just Ludwig, his cheek resting against his hand as he smirked at you. Cocking an eyebrow at him, you looked down to Gilbird for a brief moment, then back up to the german.

"What's so funny?" You asked, not taking your eyes off of him as you finished cleaning the yellow blob in your hand, a small smile forming on your face. You didn't quite know what he thought was so funny about cleaning a bird, but the drunken smirk he gave you was too sweet not to smile at.

He grinned wide enough so you could see his teeth, and answered with a small laugh. "Did zhe sun come out, or did you just smile at me?"

Your somewhat-happy expression slowly faded, a feeling of confusion washing over you. You set Gilbird back on the albino's full head of white hair, glancing over at Ludwig. You set your arms on the table, looking into his glossed, baby blue eyes.

"Have you been hanging out with Alfred?" You asked, tilting your head to the right, smirking. "Because only he could come up with a pick up line that cheesey."

He shook his head, his hand still resting against his rosey-red cheek.

"Then it's the beer." You said, your eyelids closing the slightest, leaning forward. "You're drunk."

Once again, he gave a shake of his head, his prominent smirk matching the one now shown on you. "I'm not drunk. I'm simply intoxicated by you."

Your eyes widened, the same confused feeling beginning to knaw on your insides. Ludwig chuckled, closing his blue eyes. A long stretch of silence passed between the two of you, the only sounds in the room being the loud conversations of the people around you. Why was he suddenly acting like this? You had seen him drunk before- that was nothing new. But the sudden cheesey pick up lines? You had heard better ones from Alfred. In fact, that was exactally how you had met the American. You knew every single one by heart, and each one was funnier than the last. But sitting here now, the german you had known for so long starting to use them on you, was a bit of a surprise. Yet you couldn't help but feel different, the words he so easily spoke to you crawling under your skin and slowly hitting you like a sharp slap in the face.

He's just drunk. You told yourself, shifting your head so it was fixated to the warn-in mug ring on the table. But even so..

"______, do you know what I did last night?" The german finally spoke, his voice sounding a little more serious than it had before. You looked up, your (e/c) staring into his blue orbs.

Sighing, you braced yourself for the next line that was likely to come your way.

"What did you do last night, Ludwig?" You asked, going along with his question.

He paused, leaning forward so his face was a few inches away from yours. The sudden stench of the beer you hated so much wafted into your nose, bringing tears to your eyes. None the less, your cheeks started getting a little hotter as you backed up slightly in the red booth.

"I looked up at zhe stars, and matched each one vith a reason vhy Ich liebe dich." He said, his gaze still locked with yours.

At that moment, you swore your heart had skipped a beat, the light pink in your cheeks turning to a red color. Normally, words like this wouldn't have even fazed you. But coming from the german you had liked for so long, it had a different effect.

You folded your arms across your chest, looking back down to the table so Ludwig couldn't see your easily noticable blush. Contimplating on what you should reply to the blond, you felt a hand cup under your chin, bringing your head up to meet the gaze of the drunken german.

"Vhen I look into your eyes, it's like a gatevay into zhe vorld of vhich I vant to be apart." He whispered, getting closer with each word.

You stould there, dumbstruck, staring into his blue orbs.

"Ludwig, I..." You started, tears prickling at the edges of your eyes. The bombarded pick up lines struck your heartstrings like a bomb in a war zone, consuming everything in it's path. But a little part of you, deep inside you, knew that he didn't mean any of it. A little voice mocked you, nipping at you, trying to get you to snap.

It's sad, really. He's too sweet to mock you when he's sober, so he had to get intoxicated just to do it.

You mentally cringed at the words, knowing that they were all too true. You had been friends for the man for as long as you could remember, and you knew that he thought of you as nothing more than a friend. The closest he probably thought of you was as a sibling, if that. You put your hands to the germans chest, gently pushing him away. The instant everything around you started getting blurry, the feeling of wet, hot tears traveling down your cheeks, you regretted answering your phone to speak to the italian. You regretted getting up off your perfectly comfortable couch, excited to come and hang out with your country friends. And it wasn't that you didn't want to return the german's feelings. In truth, you loved Ludwig more than anything in the world, and you had ever since you first met him. His slicked back blond hair that seemed to have too much gel in it, the baby blue eyes he sported that gleamed everytime he smiled at you, and his overall personality had wanted to make you wrap your arms around the man. You wanted to be able to call him yours.

It was just the fact that when Ludwig went to sleep that night, oblivious to everything that he had done, he wouldn't remember a lick of it when he woke up the next morning.

"I-I should probably go." You murmered through tears, wyping your cheek off with the wrist of your sweatshirt sleeve.

With that, you slid out of the booth, carefull not to wake Gilbert or Feli, and fast walked over to the wooden doors that seperated you and the outside world. Out of all the laughter and faint, upbeat music echoeing throughout the building, you heart a faint 'Vait!', followed by heavy footsteps a good ways away from you. Ignoring the plee, you slowly opened the doors, trudging out into the now rainy night.

Throwing your hood on, you looked both ways, forgetting where the small parking lot was for a moment until you spotted it not too far away from the building. Hands stuffed deep inside your multi-colored sweatshirt, you made your way over to your vehicle, which was parked next to the warn out 2003 Toyota Camry. When you started hearing the same heavy boot-against-ground sound as you did inside, you picked up pace. You didn't really have any sudden urge to talk to the drunken german, but for whatever reason, he wanted to talk to you.

You'd think that through all the time that you've known Ludwig, he would know not to bug you when you were trying to cool off.

Letting out an angry huff, you started to jog to your car, which was now a few feet away from you. The hurried footsteps behind you started to pick up speed, the sloshing of rain on the pavement heard with the movements of his run. You knew that your friend was much faster than you, due to the fact he made Kiku and Feli run with him everyday while you stayed home and did the exact opposite of exercise.

You gripped the handle of your car door, forcefully pulling it open. When it didn't budge, you attempted to pull it even harder, your vision getting blurred by both the blubbery tears rolling down your cheeks and the rain pouring down heavily and drenching your clothes.

"Open up, darnit!" You hissed at your car, pounding on the slippery glass window.

You set your fourhead against the numbing cold of the metal car, arms hanging droopily at your sides, knowing you wouldn't have time to get your keys out of your pocket before Ludwig could get to you. Just as you had thought, the footsteps that you had heard stopped behind you, Ludwigs heavy breathing barely heard through the pouding of the rain droplets against your car.

"______." He said, putting both hands firmly on your shoulders and forcing you to turn and face him.

You looked up to him, the rain slicking down his blone hair so it was no longer pushed back, small pieces of bangs hanging down on his fourhead. His eyes revealed a look of pity and confusion as he looked down to your drenched figure covered in a sweatshirt and hood, your (h/c) hair sticking to your cold cheeks. You looked to the ground, the converse you had slipped on before you left now standing in a puddle formed on the concrete parking lot ground. Fists clenched, you closed your eyes as the mixed emotions inside you bubbled and rose to your surface the longer you stould in the silence that surrounded you.

"Vhy did you run?" Ludwig finally spoke up, the firm grip on your shoulders softening.

You cringed at his words, biting the bottom of your lip. To be honest, you wern't quite sure you knew the answer to his question. You knew why you had gotten upset. But you didn't quite know why you ran away from him instead of telling him what was on your mind.

"______," He repeated, his hands sliding off your shoulders, making their way towards sides. The germans arms wrapped around your waste, bringing you closer than you had ever been to him. You felt your star designed hood get pulled from your head, your semi-dry hair now getting soaked by the rain. He tucked a stubborn strand of hair that stuck on your face behind your ear, nuzzling his face gently into your sweatshirt. "Vas it vhat I said?"

Instantly stiffening, you didn't return his sudden embrace. Instead, you stould there, arms planted at your sides, feeling the cool rain wash over you and the german.

"You don't mean it." You murmered, not budging an inch as you stared up at the gray night sky.

"Vhat?" He asked, lifting his head up off your neck as he looked into your saddened face.

"What you said to me." You said, peering up at the german. "You don't mean it."

You felt Ludwig flinch at your words, relization as to why you left flooding through him. All was silent for a moment, neither one of you daring to speak another word.

"Vhy vould I say something I didn't mean?" He asked, his voice a slight monatone.

"Because you're drunk. Complete and utterly drunk." You said the taddest bit angry, your words coming out a little harsher than you meant them to. "People say things when they've had one too many. Things that they don't mean. And i'm pretty sure that you didn't mean a word you said back there, considering you'd never utter something like that to me when you're sober"

You turned your head away, not completely sure why you had told him all that. What made the situation even worse was that you barked it to him, making you sound bitter and harsh.
Just when you thought the world was going to end on the spot, the hardy laughter of your friend began to slowly echoe through the rainy parking lot. You whipped your head over to Ludwig who was happily laughing, the light grip around you he had tightening. You gave him a confused look, and tipped your head the slightest.

"W-What's so...funny?" You murmered, a little hurt that he would laugh at the honest words you had just spoken. The words you found so hard to even tell him.

His laughter died down as he looked down at you, his cheeks now a light pink color. You wern't sure if it was from the cold bight of the rain, or from embarresment of some sort, but he looked down at you with them, his glossed blue eyes giving off the happy glint you had loved all too much.

"______, just because i'm drunk doesn't mean that vhat I said vasn't true." He said, giving you a sad smirk. "I just needed a little motivation."

The pounding in your heart picked up once more, your face getting warmer against the cold. " like me?"

"Nein." He said, shaking his head.

The one word struck you hard, even though you knew perfectly well he wouldn't return your feelings in the first place. You planted a fake smile on your face, nodding. "I thought just as mu-" You started, only to get cut off by Ludwig's raised finger.

"I don't like you." He said, his voice barely a above a whisper. "Iche liebe dich."

Before you could even react to his words, even blush, you were once again pulled into his grasp, a warm and soft sensation press against your cold lips. Your eyes widened in surprise, only to find Ludwig's lips against yours, his hand making its way up and entwining carefully in your (h/l), (h/c) hair. It took you a moment to relize that it wouldn't be the best idea to just stand there, arms planted at your sides in frozen shock. Your arms gradually moved around his neck, your hands gripping the back of his green army jacket as you moved into the kiss, a sickingly sweet feeling overcoming you.

After a few more moments Ludwig and you pulled away from each other, the sweet, rainy air filling your lungs. You gave the german a warm smile, moving a piece of his blond, wet bang from his fourhead, lightly kissing it.

"I love you too, Ludwig."
Request for :iconotaku-chan23: (I hope you like it~ :iconrubcheeksplz:)

Sorry it took so long to make. :iconsweatdropplz: I re-read this, re-started this, and re-everything this a few dozen times, and i'm still not very satisfied with it. At all. But I hope you like it~
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
Story (c) :icongoingmadhatter354:
I don't own Hetalia, or the previous image .-.
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Even one of my class mates and he was half British! (He said I sounded Irish... Pretty sure he wanted to say: "I don't like your accent" by that, though... ^.^°)
But you're right, my great grandfather had to fight in Russia (Stalingrad) although he didn't want to and somehow made it back alive, it's a pity I never asked him about his experiences before he died, but well... I guess I was too young back than. I find it really sad people refer to us as Nazis, though we clearly aren't (well, at least most of us. And I've actually never come across one in my entire 19 years of live - not that I'd like to meet one, I'd probably go berserk and go 2P!Italy mode...). Thing is, we have to deal with WW2 at least 5 times in 12 years of school, to the point, where I felt like I PERSONALLY invaded Poland (when I was 14 I thought so, but I really liked history afterwards and I became interested in that topic so it didn't annoy me anymore. I just feel uncomfortable when somebody brings WW2 up in a conversation, but I'll still talk about it because I kind of feel obligated to show that I really feel sorry for what happened back than. Although it happened more than 50 years before I was even born and I - obviously - am not responsible for what happened, I just try to make up for it and hope to help prevent something like that from ever happening again)
Wow, this is one hell of a comment xD But it's a topic I could write books about, sorry about that ^___^°
Anyway, I'm glad you appreciate being part German, though I have to admit... I HATE beer o.o It tastes awful! (like every other kind of alcohol does... Well, I don't have to mention I'm drunk faster than England, do I? xD)
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Loved the story. It was great.
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