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May 13, 2013
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"Mutti! Mutti!"

The all too familiar words that had come from your energetic children's lips echoed down the hall, making its way into the bedroom you had currently been residing. Not moments before had you been engulfed in a rather peacefull slumber, dreaming of the husband you had wished could be with you at this very moment, arms wrapped tightly and securely around your waist as if to tell you that you were free from any danger; that nothing in the world could harm you. Unfortunately, the only thing you were greeted to when you opened your tired, (e/c) hued orbs was the numb feeling that the empty, desolate space beside you brought. Though this is what you were greeted to everytime you woke up each morning, when you had decided that you needed a well deserved nap, or when you dragged your exhausted carcass to bed each night, it still brought you the same abandoned, bare feeling it always had. The emptyness you usually felt, however, had usually been filled to the brim by the sheer presence of the children he had left behind. And yet, you couldn't help but have this small, absent feeling from when the tall, loveable german had left you.

Your husband, Gerhart, had been a man of few words and expressions. He would only speak when he thought he needed to, though this hadn't bothered you the slightest. This, along with the thousand other traits he had posessed, was one of the main reasons you had fallen in love with him in the first place. The german's long, silken blond hair always seemed neat and tighty, as if he wanted to look the best he could possibly be. His ocean blue eyes always seemed to bare lovingly into yours, and no matter what mood he seemed to be in, that intense gaze of his never seemed to faulter. The thing you cherished most about him, however, was the fact he was wonderful with kids. You knew from the start he would be a wonderful father, but hadn't quite seen the whole side of him until you had your first born, Gilbert. Gerhart loved this child with every fiber in his body, and didn't want to take his eyes off of him for a single second. From then on out, you knew that despite his rough and taciturn personality, he would love and treasure Gilbert and you for as long as you all lived.

That's what made it all the harder to say goodbye.

Not long after you had your second child, Ludwig, the love of your life had passed away in battle. You hadn't known how he had died, and had soon started to wonder whether or not he took his own life in the heat of war. Before he had plunged himself into the long battle, he had killed one of his closest friends, the one he had protected for so long, The Great Ancient Rome. This had took you by surprise the first time the news had come to you, just for the fact you didn't think the german would even attempt to do something such as this to someone he had held so near and dear to him. As for the family he had left behind...

"Mutti~!" The rythmic, melodic voices of the two kids grew closer, the door to your room creaking open the slightest.

A small, tired groan escaped your lips as you shifted beneath your thick comforters, the bright rays of sunday sunlight that shone in through the window warming you under your already hot blankets. You rubbed your eyes, peering out infront of you through small slits. There, your oldest albino child stould, a small wooden tray held tightly between an anticipated grip, his ruby red eyes shining with a happy gleam. Gilbert's white baggy nightgown hung down to his knees, his bare feet rocking back and fourth against the shaggy, worn carpet that had yet to be replaced. Your (e/c), rather surprised eyes shifted down to the small blond standing beside him, a rather large green vase filled to the brim with purple cornflowers held in both arms.

"Happy mutters day, mutti!" Gilbert beamed, running up to your bedside. The cup of orange juice that had been placed next to the uncooked piece of toast coaked with peanut butter and a rather excessive amount of sticky jelly swished back and fourth, the orange concoction spilling out of the cup and onto the wood tray. Your eyebrows furrowed, the thought of Mothers Day never having crossed your mind. Had it been that long already?
Ludwig toddled up next to his older brother, his eyes glued to the flowers he had been looking at so fondly.

It was in these times, when the small toddler had been so soft spoken and quiet, had he reminded you of Gerhart. His blond hair, stunning blue eyes, and overall appearance reminded you of the love you had lost so long ago. Gilbert, however, reminded you of yourself. Though his appearance, snow white hair and blood red eyes, looked nothing like yours, the gleam in his eye and spark in his step reminded you of when you were a small child. After all, the way he looked only added to his special traits. Your hand began to make its way out from under the blankets and onto the albino's full head of white hair, ruffling it the slightest.

"Is all this for me?" Looking over to Ludwig, he gave you a small, genuine smile, extending the vase out to you.

Returning his expression, you grabbed the vase and carefully peered at its stunning purple petals. These had more than likely been picked from the garden you had been tending to in the backyard, which made the small, but effective gesture all the more precious. It amused you as to how they hadn't broken half the stem off and had just taken the whole thing out, roots and all. Chunks of dirt dotted the top of the pristine water, making you smile all the wider.

"Vhe made you breakfast in bed!" Gilbert extended the food out to you, a toothy grin spreading across his face. "West und I vorked on it all morning!"

The small brother let out a rather angry grunt, shooting Gilbert a death glare at the nickname he had just recently started calling him. You let out a giggle as you started down at the food the two had made special for you, though it didn't look all that appetizing. Setting the vase down on the nightstand positioned beside the bed, you grabbed the tray and set it in the bundle of blue blankets huddled about you. Instead of digging into the breakfast, you picked Gilbert up as carefully as you could, making sure not to inflct any harm on him. Doing the same with Ludwig, the two embraced you with an unusually strong grip, their stubby, china like arms wrapping around your neck.

"Thank you, boys." You murmered through the cloth of their shoulders that had rested ever so slightly against your rosey cheeks. "I couldn't have asked for anything better than this."

Silence engulfed the room as you just soaked in the rare quiet time you had gotten to share with your children, the grip you held on them never faultering. Though you hadn't wanted to bring up the subject that had been on your mind, the only other thing you could have asked for at that moment was their father to be there, his embrace wrapped around the three of you to join in on the precious moment. But in a way, wasn't he already there?

You knew he would always live on inside of you, especially on a day like this. As your grip tightened on your children, you couldn't help but smile as a prominent tear travled down your eye in a single stream, the salty water falling gently off your chin and into the white fabric of Ludwig's matching nightgown.

Vatti will always be within the three of you, whether it be in mind or in spirit.

"Ich liebe dich, mutti." Ludwig murmered, his tiny hands gripping the back of your shirt, as if he already knew what you were thinking about.

"I love you too, little one." You murmered quietly, burrying your face into the soft fabric. "I love you too."
Happy (Late) Mutters day~! :iconallmyloveplz:

Long title is long o-o Sorry it looks so bunched together. It wouldn't let me put the full thing in there XD

Anywho, this is a day or so late, and i'm sorry for that. Finals are coming up, and I kinda' just threw this together at the last second. Again, sorry bout' that! More stories are coming soon, so stay tuned!

With that, have an awesome rest of the week, bros :iconpewdiebrofistplz:


You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz::iconprussiahappytearsplz::icongermaniaplz:

Story (c) :icongoingmadhatter354:

I do not own Hetalia, or the previous image. The picture can be found [link], and belongs to its respectful owner.
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